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You coach. We deliver. Team.Shop supports hundreds of organizations like yours, allowing teams to explore seemingly limitless uniform, apparel and gear options.

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Team.Shop works with a variety of lacrosse, baseball and softball programs big and small, delivering the equipment they need to succeed while saving time for coaches.

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Team.Shop experts collaborate with you to create designs for lacrosse, baseball and softball uniforms, activewear and off-field apparel.

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Dozens of organizations and hundreds of teams across the United States use Team.Shop to outfit their players with custom team jerseys and premium equipment. From Easley Baseball Club in Memphis, Tennessee to OC Batbusters Softball in California, programs have adopted Team.Shop to give their players the best gear and custom uniforms for baseball, softball and lacrosse. These programs prefer Team.Shop because the platform provides dedicated designers to create personalized logos, colorways and unique uniforms that stand out on the field. Team.Shop also takes the burden off coaches by sending orders directly to players. Team.Shop outfits competitive teams with premium custom team jerseys and custom team gear players need to take the field. Team.Shop designers work with coaches and organizations to design baseball uniforms, softball uniforms and lacrosse uniforms with team colors and logos, ensuring clubs have a unified look on gameday. Custom baseball uniforms and custom softball uniforms are available in several styles, including pullovers and full button options. Team.Shop personalized baseball uniforms, softball uniforms and lacrosse uniforms can be customized with a player’s uniform number, and all orders are shipped directly to players. In addition to custom team jerseys, players and organizations can use Team.Shop to order on-field equipment from EvoShield, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, Wilson and ATEC Sports, the leading brands in practice and gameday equipment. Access game-altering equipment like EvoShield batter’s protective gear, the DeMarini Voodoo One and The Goods BBCOR Baseball Bats, the Louisville Slugger Meta baseball and Meta fastpitch softball bats and Wilson A2K® and A2000® baseball and softball gloves with Team.Shop. Elite lacrosse players can order EvoShield lacrosse gear, including the custom-fitting Three Piece Arm Guards and Two Piece Arm Guards, with team-exclusive pricing through Team.Shop. For more information, explore details about pricing, visit the Resource Hub and check out Frequently Asked Questions.